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Proper gas maintenance is equally important as it brings safety for you only. The user must follow some important tips before taking the advantages of the gas boiler services in North London. Always remember, the gas boiler heating system troubles can prove tricky for you whenever the boiler installed brings problems to you. Therefore, it is best advisable to call a Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer so they can absolve your installed boilers through their expert solutions.

But in any case, as a precautionary measure, if you ever doubt a gas leak in your premises, it would be best to immediately contacting the National Gas Emergency Service to receive the immediate response from the experts.

Tel:0203 514 1297
Mob:0778 732 3904

Run Your Heating Regularly

It is very essential to keep your heaters and boilers in a running position irrespective of any weather. So whether it’s a chilled winter or a growling summer, you must make it functional at least once in a month. This will also help the machine to clear the boiler pump of any grit that accumulates dust, when not in use.

Service your Boiler

It is equally very essential that your engineer should inspect your boiler regularly and remember the engineer must be accredited to Gas Safe Register. If ever you find any kind of difficulty with your boiler system, you may immediately ask for its replacement or repairs in North London.

Fit a Detector

The best way to bring a constant vigil on the leakage system is to fit a carbon monoxide detector that will always bring an alert to you if any leakage will occur. And once you detect the leakage through this detector you would be able to call for the National Gas Emergency services. For more advice and guidance, you can freely call at

Tel:0203 514 1297
Mob:0778 732 3904

Avoid blockages

Definitely, keeping the gas boiler in an intact position will block its outlet to release gas/air. So it is best advised not to close the outlet or cover the boiler to bring any reasons of dangers like blasts at your premise. Make sure the outside flues aren't blocked and the passage of gas is quite easy for safe cooking.

Get a CP12 Certificate

CP12 Certificate, the gas safety certificate can be obtained from the Alb Gas Company to assure 100% safety. This can be obtained after receiving an inspection of your boiler and its gas pipe work from the most trusted Gas Boiler Servicing Company in London, After the completion of gas safety certificate (CP12), an email will be send to you the day after successful completion. The CP12 Certificate should be obtained by every user to assure the safety, which is also legally needed.